A downloadable game




Enemy AI

Small Map

Sound FX

Made w/ Unity 5

Great Optimization


Your name is John, you're a 10 year old boy.

After a normal day you go to sleep, your little baby brother is already sleeping and mom is going to do some work. After a few hours sleeping you wake up when you hear something fall. You check if your brother is fine, but hes not in his little cradle. It's dark, the light dont work, but you find a flashlight. You go check whats going on and find out that theres someone in the kitchen, everything is locked. Is this a theft? You're not sure. You decide to stay in your room, your objective is to escape, but here's the hard thing, you need to find a few parts. You take a paper and write everything just incase you forget (Remember! There's a paper with the stuff you need on the wall).

This is a short horror game made by RepearzzGames. Please read the story above so you have a good gameplay experience.


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Sounds neat!

Hey there. :)

I am a YouTuber who plays indie games and I help support devs by playing new games all the time. I was wondering if you would have a version for YouTubers to try out to help get this noticed?

Thanks. :)

Here's the channel.


Thank you for your interest in showing my game! But unfortunately i do not have any demo of it, maybe in the future.

- RG